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'Seven months': that's the waiting period to buy a new car; a million in queue

Apr 13, 2021 13:19 IST | By Editorji News Desk

The passenger vehicle waiting period escalated to as high as seven months even as some reports suggest that about a million Indians are in the queue.

The Federation of Automobiles Dealers Association in a recent report claimed that almost half of the PV dealers lost more than 20% of their sales due to supply-side constraints.

Global shortage of wafers which is an input for semiconductor, continued to linger around and kept the PV waiting period high, FADA said in the report.

Moreover, a significant rise in personal mobility needs has given a push to the demand, leading to almost half a million waiting to buy a used car and another half a million Indian are waiting to buy the car they have booked, as reported by the Economic Times.

Due to the waiting period, fewer people are looking to exchange their old cars with new and the repossession by financiers has also declined because of the moratorium benefits. This has lead to a supply shortage in the used car market.