Poor may take 10 years to recover from Covid loss: Oxfam - गरीबों को कोविड नुकसान से उबरने में 10 साल लग सकते हैं: ऑक्सफेम | Editorji Hindi
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20 lakh jobs gone in bus, taxi sector; more on anvil: Transport body

Jun 21, 2020 19:45 IST

Around 20 lakh people have lost employment and an equal number are staring at job losses as private bus and tourist taxi operators have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown. According to the Bus & Car Operators Confederation of India, which represent 20,000 operators with 15 lakh buses and maxi-cabs and 11 lakh tourist taxis providing direct employment to 1 crore people, these private operators need government support in the form of waiver of taxes and interest on loans as many of them are facing closure. The Confederation said during lockdown 95 per cent of our vehicles were off road and with no business, the members are struggling to pay salaries and wages to employees.