वडोदरा में पुलिस का फरमान, 'संस्कारी' हो नए साल का जश्न | Editorji Hindi
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'Promotion of Khalistan': HC junks PIL for action against Twitter

Sep 30, 2020 16:58 IST

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday refused to entertain a PIL that sought action against social media giant Twitter on the charge of involvement in a conspiracy to promote the Khalistan movement of radical Sikhs. A Division Bench declined the petition on the ground that petitioner had not made a representation to the central government and instead directly approached the court. The plea contended that some 'promoted handles' on Twitter were used for promoting the agenda for a separate Khalistan. The plea had sought court directions to the Ministry of Law and Justice, Information Technology Ministry and the National Investigation Agency to formulate a mechanism to check the content and advertisements promoting anti-national agenda and hatred among communities.

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