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No ICU, ventilator beds for Covid-19 patients in over 50 Delhi hospitals

Apr 12, 2021 09:05 IST | By Editorji News Desk

Amid a resurgence in Covid-19 cases in Delhi, over 50 hospitals in the national capital have run out of ICU and ventilator beds, government data showed on Sunday. Of the 1,153 ventilator beds in government-run and private hospitals, only 307 are available for Covid-19 patients, according to the Delhi govt's 'corona' app. This accounts for 73.37% of the total available beds with ventilators. Apart from that, only 511 of the 1,852 ICU beds are available, which is 72.4% of total available beds without ventilators.
As per the Delhi Corona app, 44 private hospitals in Delhi have run out of ventilator beds while two government and 50 private hospitals do not have ICU beds vacant for Covid-19 patients. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said lockdown is no solution to slow the spread of coronavirus cases. However, lockdown will only be imposed in Delhi if the "hospital system collapses".
Delhi broke all records in the number of Covid-19 cases recorded in a 24-hour span, with 10,774 fresh infections and 48 deaths on Sunday.