पीरियड ड्रामा 'ममंगम' से प्राची तेहलान का लुक हुआ रिलीज़ | Editorji Hindi
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Chennai school lands in controversy after it calls protesting farmers 'violent maniacs'

Feb 20, 2021 14:12 IST

A Chennai school has reportedly landed in a controversy after it referred to the protesting farmers as ‘violent maniacs’ in a question paper for Class 10 students. The school referred to the Republic Day incident as it  asked students to write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper, “condemning such terrible, violent acts” and also suggest measures “to thwart such violent maniacs who act under external instigation”. The question was part of the English Language and Literature paper in the exams held on February 11. It has triggered a social media backlash since Musician TM Krishna tweeted on the controversial question paper. The school has received flak for the controversial question.