कर्नाटक: आज बहुमत साबित करेंगे येदियुरप्पा, आसान है राह | Editorji Hindi
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Delhi blast: envelope sent to Israeli embassy being probed

Jan 30, 2021 15:05 IST

A team of Delhi Police's Special Cell is investigating the blast outside the Israel Embassy that took place on Friday evening, sparking fear in the capital's Lutyens zone.
An envelope found last evening at the blast site, addressed to an embassy official, is being investigated, said Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava. It's not yet clear what was written on the envelope. A half-burnt pink scarf has also been recovered from the site.
Some reports say the Delhi Police has recovered remnants of a battery from blast site, adding that high-grade explosives were used and most of then were likely PETN; but no official statement has been given the police so far. A team of 6-7 NIA officers were also at the blast site for further probe into the explosion.