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Floyd protests: top editor resigns over 'Buildings Matter' headline

Jun 07, 2020 12:52 IST

A top editor in the United States resigned over a headline in connection with the George Floyd protests which have been now raging for more than 10 days. The Philadelphia Inquirer's senior vice president and executive editor Stan Wischnowski, resigned after an uproar over the ‘Buildings Matter, Too’ headline lamenting damage to businesses amid turbulent protests denouncing police brutality against people of colour. The Inquirer has apologised for a horribly wrong decision to use the headline, on a column Tuesday about looting and vandalism during the protests. In its apology piece, The Inquirer said that the headline “offensively riffed” on the Black Lives Matter movement. About 30 members of the Inquirer’s 210-member editorial staff called in sick earlier this week, and black staff members angrily condemned the headline.

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