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45-year-old and ill? Here's how to get Covid-19 vaccine

Feb 25, 2021 08:41 IST | By EDITORJI NEWS DESK

If you are above 45 years and have comorbidities, you will be eligible for Covid-19 vaccine from March 1. Here's your guide on how to get it.

45-yrs-old and ill? Here's how to get Covid-19 vaccine

1. Need a signed medical certificate, attesting to the severity of the illness

2. Will need to show the form at the vaccination centre to get the shots

3. Co-morbidities yet to be finalised. Likely to include heart, lung, kidney and liver ailments, as well as diabetes & cancer

4. Will have to register on the CoWin app when govt opens it for public

5. Will have to give Aadhaar ID, upload photo ID and medical certificate on CoWin

6. Shots to be free at govt centres, price likely to be capped at ₹300 at pvt clinics


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