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These viral recipes on Instagram are actually worth a try!

Apr 25, 2021 10:29 IST | By Vishakha Somani

When it comes to quick, visually appealing and somewhat easy recipes, there is no shortage of them on social media. From Tik Tok to Instagram Reels, these viral recipes cover everything from drinks to wraps to the most surprising lockdown creation... bread!

While Dalgona Coffee was inarguable the most buzzworthy viral food of Lockdown 2020, there are many other just as quirky recipes that actually sound delicious.  

If you’re bored at home or just need to do something other than worrying about one crisis after another, here are some fun viral recipes you can try at home.  

Baked Feta Pasta 

Famous for causing a shortage of feta cheese in many departmental stores across the West, this creamy pasta dish is what viral content is made of. All you need is a block of cheese, some juicy tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, herbs and your pasta of choice. This yummy pasta concoction seems like a mouth-watering way to ramp up your mid-week dinner plans.  

Baked Oats 

This viral dish incorporates one of our favourite breakfast foods. Baked oats is basically cake for breakfast and we’re not complaining. To make this, you need rolled oats, a ripe banana, some milk, honey and eggs and baking powder or baking soda. You can get as creative as you want with this as your base and enjoy it fresh out of the oven.  

Cloud Bread 

If you love pretty looking foods, this recipe should be on your to-do list. Cloud bread gets its name from its fluffy texture. It is technically just a baked meringue made by whisking together egg whites, sugar, corn starch and some food colouring of your choice. 

Tik Tok Tortilla Wrap  

Instead of rolling all the fillings up like a roll or burrito, the Tik Tok Wrap is basically just an easier way to 'wrap up' your wrap. Cut the tortilla or some roti halfway in the middle and place different ingredients in all four quadrants of your base. Then, just fold the wrap in a clockwise direction starting from the bottom left quarter.  

Nature’s Cereal 

Popularised by pop singer Lizzo Beating, Nature's Cereal gives a fruity makeover to the concept of basic breakfast cereal. This recipe requires all prep and no cooking. Just replace your crunchy cereal with fresh fruits like mixed berries and pomegranate seeds and switch the milk for yummy coconut water. That’s it, that’s the dish!  

Focaccia Bread Art 

This recipe is all about unleashing your inner artist! The Focaccia Bread Art or Bread Garden as some call it allows you to arrange your bread toppings like a painting. Create a landscape with red onions, mini bell peppers, tomatoes or green onions and bake away your creation!

All this talk about food sure made us hungry! Which recipe are you going to try out next?