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CEM Paban Manta files nomination for Tiwa Autonomous Council polls

Nov 26, 2020 18:11 IST

Chief Executive Member of Tiwa Autonomous Council, Paban Manta filed his nomination for the upcoming Tiwa Autonomous Council elections. Manta filed his papers for the Damal constituency. Besides Manta, 41 other candidates from 19 constituencies filed nominations for the elections to be held on December 17.
The submission of nomination paper for contesting in the Tiwa Council election to be held in 19 constituencies in the district was held at Morigaon DC court. Total 42 candidates from BJP, AGP, INC, APP, TJO(IND) and IND submitted their nomination papers. The submission of nomination papers will be on till November 28 at 3pm.
As many as 78,180 voters are expected to exercise their franchise in the Tiwa Autonomous Council. Council election. Voting will take place in 6 constituencies- Digmoria, Digaru, Ampri, Sonapur, Khetri and Phong Ari. The polling will begin sharp at 7:30 am and end at 4:30pm. In case of a re-poll, it will be conducted on 18th December and the counting of the votes will be on 19th December from 8 am onwards.

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