'गोलमाल 5' में अभी समय, स्क्रीप्ट पर काम जारी: श्रेयस तलपडे

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2018's crazy viral videos

Dec 30, 2018 14:23 IST

As they say, the Internet never forgets. 2018 was a year of crazy viral videos and if you missed some of these, our quick roundup will refresh your memory. 1) Paris Spiderman saves child, becomes citizen A Malian immigrant was hailed as the Spiderman of Paris, after he climbed four storeys in seconds to save a child who was hanging from a ledge. The video of him in action led French President to offer him citizenship. 2) Trump breaks royal protocol, walks ahead of Queen US President Donald Trump's UK visit hit the headlines for many reasons, but in video which went viral, Trump was seen breaking royal protocol, as he walked ahead of the Queen. The 92 year old monarch quickly gave Trump a lesson on manners. 3) Trump walks with 'toilet paper' under his shoe Trump seems to rule, when it comes to viral videos. The US President was seen with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, as he boarded the Air Force One for a rally in Minnesota. Netizens couldn't keep calm at POTUS' carelessness. 4)