delhi is running out of covid beds and ventilators - कोरोना की गिरफ्त में राजधानी, 11 हजार कोरोना बेड और हजार से ज्यादा वेंटीलेटर हुए फुल | Editorji Hindi
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Global Covid-19 death toll breaches 7.5 lakh mark

Aug 13, 2020 21:48 IST

The global death count due to the Covid-19 pandemic on Thursday crossed the 7,50,000 mark, according to the US-based Johns Hopkins University tally.

In over 8 months of its existence, the virus has infected over 20 million people globally.

US that accounts for almost 22% of the total fatalities remains the world's worst-affected nation.

The death count in the US is over 166,000, followed by Brazil and Mexico that have 1,04,201 and 54,666 deaths respectively.

With 47,033 deaths, India stands at fourth position in the global death tally.