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Petrol, diesel prices shoot up after cess hike

Jul 06, 2019 09:17 IST

A day after the taxes on fuel were hiked in the Budget, petrol and diesel prices rose by at least ₹2.4 and ₹2.36 a litre respectively across metro cities on Saturday. A litre of petrol which cost ₹72.96 per litre while Diesel sold at ₹66.69 per litre in Delhi. In Mumbai, a litre of petrol now costs ₹78.57. Diesel price has seen an increase of ₹2.5, up at ₹69.90 per litre. Petrol which cost ₹72.75 a litre till Friday, now costs ₹75.15 per litre, while diesel price stood at ₹68.59 per litre in Kolkata. The biggest hike in fuel prices has been for Chennai, where petrol sold at ₹75.15 per litre while diesel price was ₹70.48 per litre.