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Lung Cancer Day 2020: trial shows the illness can be detected earlier

Aug 01, 2020 13:59 IST

According to estimates, more than 60,000 new lung cancer cases are reported each year in India and with the rise in air pollution that number remains on an upward trajectory. Lung Cancer is also the most common cause of cancer-related deaths. 

In a new breakthrough, a clinical trial in Scotland has found that a combination of blood tests along with CT scanning can help detect lung cancer earlier, at a stage when surgery is still possible.

The study, published by The European Respiratory Journal, has reported a significant 36 per cent reduction in late-stage diagnoses of lung cancer, a discovery that may save thousands of lives. With early discovery, patients may have early access to chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. 

The particular trial is also believed to be the largest randomised controlled trial working on the detection of lung cancer using blood-based biomarkers and has included more than 12,000 cancer patients.