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'Worst debate in history': US reacts fiercely on Trump-Biden faceoff

Sep 30, 2020 18:20 IST

Americans reacted fiercely to the chaotic first 2020 presidential campaign debate that was held on Tuesday night. After Donald Trump and Joe Biden tore each other apart, social media users, politicians, and lawmakers proclaimed it as the 'worst presidential debate in history'

Not only that, both the US leaders are being slammed for the 90 min event, but Fox News anchor Chris Wallace who was moderating the debate is also being criticised. 

Former Vice President's running mate, Kamala Harris lashed out at Trump and went on to call him an angry interrupting bully. Hillary Clinton too reiterated her faith in Democratic candidate's ability to hold the top office. 

Meanwhile, Republican lawmaker Darell Issa called out Wallace for being biased towards Joe Biden and went on to say that American people, therefore cannot trust media.