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What to watch this Valentine's Day!

Feb 13, 2019 16:33 IST

What better way to celebrate the day of love watching a romantic film with your partner? Well, here are our top picks for this Valentine's Day. 'Pretty Woman', 1990 First up is Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starrer 'Pretty Woman'. The story of a businessman, who hires an escort for some social events, and then falls in love with her. 'The Notebook', 2004 With Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams's marvelous performance in 2004's 'The Notebook', make sure you have tissues at hand before watching this film. The story of a poor yet passionate young man falling in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom is gripping. Alas, they are soon separated because of their social differences. 'Dirty Dancing', 1987 ‘Dirty Dancing’ revolves around the life of Frances 'Baby' Houseman, who while spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family falls in love with the camp's dance instructor, Johnny Castle. The film stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the lead.