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e-VTOLS - Shape of Things to Come

Dec 05, 2020 12:10 IST

Almost all aviation major companies are investing heavily and collaborating in meaningful Research and Development of vehicles capable of Vertical Takeoff and Landing, facilitating Urban Air Mobility (UAM). By 2050, the global population is projected to grow by over 2 billion to nearly 10 billion, with almost 70 per cent living in an urban environment. Urban traffic congestion is likely to get worse in the metro cities around the world. For over eight decades, sci-fi writers and visionaries have discussed the idea of “Flying Cars”, which will be able to get us from our roof-tops or gardens to any place we wish to travel, avoiding the traffic on road. Today we are already at the end of second decade of 21st century, and we have seen most of other sci-fi imaginations like video calls, sleek mobile phones, robots, cloning and artificial intelligence become a reality. The idea of flying from the house to office is limited to very few super rich who can afford helicopters.