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Does air pollution increase the risk of Covid-19? | DataBaaz

Nov 11, 2020 19:00 IST

Delhi is seeing a record number of Covid-19 cases and the highest air pollution levels in the country at the same time. "A Harvard study analysed the correlation of PM 2.5 to Covid deaths. It reported that if there is a one microgram rise in chronic PM 2.5 exposure, they noted an eight per cent increase in mortality. This was data from over 300 counties across US," says Dr. Arvind Kumar, founder & managing trustee of Lung Care Foundation. He is also the chairman of Centre for Chest Surgery and director of Institute of Robotic Surgery at Shree Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. In this interview with Govindraj Ethiraj, he talks about how Coronavirus and PM 2.5 affect the lungs, if wearing good quality masks can shield against both, effects of pollution on the body and how can one deal with the problem if bad air quality and the pandemic.