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Bhelaghar in the Shape of a Boat

Jan 14, 2021 18:09 IST

This is the time when people across Assam build bhelaghar (makeshift night shelters made of thatch, hay, bamboo etc) where youngsters spend the Uruka night as villages, neighbourhoods gather to celebrate Magh Bihu. People have built bhelaghars in the shape of Rang Ghar (a centuries old Ahom monument situated in Sibsagar) and various other shapes and sizes. The people of Shantipur area of Sootea constituency built a bhelaghar in the shape of a boat. Along with the residents and locals of the area, MLA from the area, Padma Hazarika also participated in the Magh Bihu celebrations in Sootea and extended greetings to the people of Assam on the occasion of Magh Bihu also known as Bhogali Bihu. Hazarika can been seen enjoying Bihu delicacies such as pitha, laru and other items.