Why Egypt, Jordan have cold-shouldered Palestinian migrants

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 20, 2023

'No refugees'

Jordan and Egypt flank the Gaza strip and West Bank, making them geographically suitable states to take in Palestinian refugees. Both have refused.

Egypt’s President said pushing civilians could hamper the region’s peace. The Foreign Minister said Egypt should not be solely responsible.

Egypt’s El-Sissi said the migration would risk the entry of militants into Sinai Peninsula, which is close to the Israeli border.

‘No refugees in Jordan, no refugees in Egypt,’ was King Abdullah II’s message from Jordan, which already hosts many Palestinians.

Reports say Egypt and Jordan’s believe that Israel plans to permanently expel Palestinians, denying demands of statehood.

The Gaza strip, often called an open-air prison, has been cut off from supplies of electricity, food, fuel and water after Israel declared war.

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