Why is chat platform Omegle shutting down?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 09, 2023

Plug pulled on Omegle

Online chatting platform Omegle has been shut down after running for 14 years. The website allowed users to video call strangers on the platform.

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Omegle’s website now shows its name and logo printed onto an animated gravestone that reads ‘2009-2023.’

Image Credit: Omegle

Why was it shut down?

Omegle founder Leif K-Brooks said that platform was being ‘misused’ by some people. It was used ‘to commit unspeakably heinous crimes.’

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‘Operating Omegle is no longer sustainable, financially nor psychologically,’ K-Brooks said in a statement after disabling the website.

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K-Brooks, who started Omegle at age 18, said he would get a heart attack if he continued to operate the video chat platform.

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‘Highlights’ of Omegle

He also remembered the ‘highlights’ of Omegle, saying it provided a platform to ‘soulmates’ and those who were living in isolation.

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