Countries with worst record of jailing journalists

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 19, 2024

Over 300 journalists jailed

An estimated 320 journalists were imprisoned around the world in 2023, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

From China to Iran, these 7 countries prisoned the most journalists in 2023

China tops the list

The govt under President Xi Jinping arrested a total of 44 journalists in 2023, the most by any country.

No surprises on rank 2 & 3

Myanmar ranks a close second with 43 arrests, followed by Belarus which has 28 journalists in jail.

Putin regime not far behind

Russia takes the fourth spot with 22 journalists arrested during the year, many of them foreign nationals.

Vietnam on rank 5

The country continues to impose harsh sentences and tough prison condition on journalists, according to CPJ.

Israel & Iran, equally bad

Israel made a rapid ascent to the sixth spot, which it shares with Iran. 17 journalists are jailed in each country.

Fallout of war

All 17 journalists held in Israel are Palestinians arrested since the start of war, the report said.

India, too, on the list

India ranks 11th on CPJ's list with 7 journalists in jail in 2023.