What are ‘Sponge bombs’, Israel’s new weapon?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 27, 2023

Israel's warfare innovation

Israel has a new trick up its sleeve– Sponge bombs. Reports of the new munition come before a possible Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

Image Credit: AFP

What are ‘sponge bombs’?

Sponge bombs reportedly do not create a fiery explosion. Instead, it releases a large amount of foam that expands and then hardens.

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How do they work?

The bomb reportedly contains two unknown liquids, which are divided by a strip of metal. The foam releases after these two liquids mix.

Image Credit: AFP

Why does Israel need them?

The Israeli military is often challenged by the extensive underground tunnels created by Hamas in Gaza. Sponge bombs may help seal these.

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Are sponge bombs new?

The chemical grenades have been tested by the Israeli military before, according to Telegraph. They were used in mock drills in 2021.

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Hamas’ tunnel system

The Palestinian militant group has created vast tunnels in Gaza. These are reportedly over 200 kilometres long and up to 80 feet deep

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How were the tunnels created?

Hamas began working on the tunnels a long time ago. Their tunnel project reportedly began in the mid-1990s, years after Hamas was formed.

Image Credit: AFPIsrael's new tactic