Old yet bold: Dorothy Hoffner, 104, eyes skydiving record

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 03, 2023

US woman eyes new skydiving record

104-year-old US woman skydived in Illinois and now awaits her world record certification from Guinness.

Dorothy Hoffner left her walker behind and boarded the aircraft, eyeing the historic feat. “Let’s go, Geronimo,” she yelled before jumping.

Hoffner is likely to break the record of a 103-year-old Swedish woman Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson, who was certified last year.

The 104-year-old insisted on leading her jump, falling and gliding down 13,500 feet. “Age is just a number,” she said after making a safe landing.

Hoffner, who will turn 105 in December, said she also wishes to continue the adventure and ride a hot air ballon next.

New skydiving record