Israel-Hamas war: World reacts to Gaza hospital explosion

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 18, 2023

Gaza hospital blast

Israel and Hamas exchanged blame for an explosion at a Gaza hospital. Over 500 people were killed

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PM Narendra Modi was ‘deeply shocked’ after the incident and said ‘those involved should be held responsible.’ He did not assign blame.

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President Joe Biden arrived in Israel a day after the strike and said it seemed to be ‘done by the other team.’ He was ‘outraged and deeply saddened.’

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United Nations

UN's Volker Turk said that ‘once again the most vulnerable’ were victims. ‘This is totally unacceptable,’ he said condemning the strike.

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Damascus said USA and other western nations were responsible for the ‘massacre’. Syria accused the West of partnering in killing Palestinians.

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President Macron called for immediate humanitarian access to the Gaza strip after the strike. ‘Nothing can justify targeting civilians,’ he said.

Image Credit: AFPBiden in Israel