Israel-Hamas truce: How the world reacted

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 22, 2023

Israel-Hamas agree to a ceasefire

Israel and Hamas agreed to a 4-day ceasefire, halting the 7-week-long war that has killed thousands on both sides.

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Indian PM Narendra Modi welcomed the release of hostages from Gaza, a key condition of the ceasefire. He still condemned civilian casualties.

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Biden, who brokered the ceasefire, said he was gratified about the release of hostages. He said the task must be carried through in its entirety.

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Beijing expressed its hope to mitigate the ‘humanitarian crisis, promote the de-escalation of conflicts, and ease tensions’ after the ceasefire.

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‘We hope that there will be French people among the first batch of hostages to be released,’ the French Foreign Minister said.

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Tehran said it will launch a diplomatic tour to Lebanon to stop Israel’s ‘attacks on Gaza, lift the blockade and send humanitarian aid.’

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Jordan said that a ‘broader plan for Gaza’ was also needed. ‘People must be empowered to remain in their homes, not displaced,’ he said.

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