5 countries that give strict punishments for homosexuality

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 03, 2023

How many countries punish homosexuality?

At least 61 countries criminalize consensual same-sex sexual acts, as per LGBTQ rights group ILGA. About 130 countries do not criminalize it.


In a bizarre incident, a homosexual man’s body was recently exhumed and burned after locals discovered he was gay. Hundreds gathered for the act.

Saudi Arabia

Taking part in sodomy in Saudi Arabia can mean being stoned to death. The Kingdom also punishes all sex outside marriage.


Homosexual relations can be punished by death in Iran. Men can also be flogged if caught kissing another man.


A 1984 law says Muslim men can be stoned to death for engaging in homosexual intercourse. Women may be sent to prison.


State governments in Nigeria have adopted Sharia law, making homosexuality punishable by death. Gay men also are not permitted to hold a meeting.

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