Top 7 must-see gadgets from CES 2024

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 08, 2024

Samsung's Transparent MicroLED Screen

A groundbreaking, visually stunning tech showcase, yet to hit retail.

LG's Wireless Transparent OLED TV

World's first 77-inch OLED T, blending cutting-edge wireless video and audio.

The Flappie AI Cat Door

An end to unwanted 'gifts' from pets, continuing CES's quirky pet tech trend.

Myrow's Peloton-Esque Display for Rowing Machines

Transforms traditional rowing workouts with a high-tech, interactive display.

Govee's Smart Light Chatbot & AI Sync Box

Automates light settings with a chatbot and supports 8K video with new AI Sync Box.

Belkin's Stand Pro iPhone Dock

Revolutionizes video calls with room-tracking technology, a first for Apple's DockKit.

Unistellar's Smart Telescopes - Odyssey & Odyssey Pro

Backyard astronomy made easy with Nikon optics and innovative focusing tech.