Top 7 apps for pro-grade smartphone photography

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 12, 2024


Google's photo editing app with adjustments for exposure, contrast, white balance, filters, and presets.

Moment Pro Camera

Manual controls, live histograms, zebras, focus peaking, built-in level for straight shots.

Bacon Camera

DSLR experience for Android, manual controls, RAW capture, long exposure.

Manual Camera

Full DSLR control with exposure, ISO, white balance adjustments. Features focus peaking, zebra stripes, histogram.

Camera Zoom FX Premium

DSLR-like with manual controls, live histograms, zebras, focus peaking.


Popular for unique filters and presets. Basic manual controls in built-in camera.

Open Camera

Free, open-source with burst, time-lapse, HDR. Manual controls for exposure, ISO, white balance.