Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: 5 changes over the S23 Ultra

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 18, 2024

The new Ultra

The S24 Ultra may look very similar to the S23 Ultra, but there are a few significant changes.

Comparison with S23 Ultra

Here are the 5 major changes on the S24 Ultra when compared to the S23 Ultra.

Flat display

The display on the S24 Ultra is not curved anymore, it's completely flat! Quite surprising since Samsung pioneered curved displays.

Titanium frame

The frame is now made of titanium. S23 Ultra's frame was aluminium.

5x zoom camera

The 10x optical zoom lens on the S23 Ultra has been replaced with a 50MP 5x zoom lens on the S24 Ultra. Upgrade or downgrade?

Latest Snapdragon chip

As expected, the SD 8 Gen 2 makes way for the SD 8 Gen 3 on the S24 Ultra.

Higher price

The base price of the S24 Ultra has gone up by Rs 5,000 in India. It now starts at Rs 1,29,999.