Sam Altman’s revenge! These OpenAI board members are fired

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 24, 2023

Sam Altman's dismissal

Sam Altman’s abrupt removal from OpenAI sparked speculation about the board's competence and motives.

Image Credit: Sam Altman/X


The lack of specific reasons for Altman's removal led to mixed opinions on the board's capability.

Image Credit: Sam Altman/X


Sam Altman was reinstated as CEO, and a new board with Bret Taylor as chair was announced.

Image Credit: Sam Altman/X

Departures from the Board

Let's have a look at the board members who were removed.

Helen Toner

She's a Georgetown University researcher and director, with prior AI policy work at Open Philanthropy.

Image Credit: Paul Morigi

Tasha McCauley

She joined the board in 2018. Previously, she was the CEO of GeoSim Systems, specialising in city modelling.

Image Credit: Tasha McCauley/X

Ilya Sutskever

Although he played a crucial part in establishing OpenAI, his support for the board's stance against Altman resulted in his dismissal.

Image Credit: Stanford AI Lab