7 best-selling smartphone brands in India

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 05, 2024

Q4 2023: Smartphone Dominators!

See who claimed the throne in the battle of market shares in India.


Dominated India with a 21% market share, offering affordable smartphones with high specs like large RAM and extensive service networks.


Holds an 18% market share in India, known for mid-range, feature-rich smartphones with excellent cameras and gaming performance.


With a 14% market share, Samsung appeals to mid-high-range buyers in India, challenging Apple with its popular Galaxy series.


Captured a 13% market share, favored for its cost-effective smartphones. Originated as an Oppo sub-brand, now stands independent.


Commands a 12% market share, celebrated for advanced camera technology and innovative features in its smartphones.


Secured a 5% market share, competing with giants like Samsung and Apple by offering high-quality smartphones at competitive prices.


Apple’s iPhone holds a 4% market share in India, preferred for its high-end design and innovative technology, dominating the premium segment.