10 best PlayStation Plus free games for December 2023

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 15, 2023


PS4, PS5: Play 3 intertwined stories in stunning Los Santos, then rule GTA Online's ever-growing world!

MotoGP 23

PS4, PS5: ️ Choose your champion, conquer dynamic weather, & battle friends in the ultimate racing showdown! Crossplay brings everyone together

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

PS4, PS5: Jack & friends battle Chaos, but doubt lingers. Brutal action, weapon combos, job upgrades await.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition

PS4, PS5: Cyberpunk RPG, 6+ hr bonus campaign, developer commentary, Hong Kong magic-tech world.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

PS4, PS5: Enhanced standalone edition with fresh content, perfect for console RPG fans


PS4, PS5: Nostalgic FPS with vintage aesthetics, modern tech, campaign, co-op, competitive modes, and user-generated levels.


PS4, PS5: Milo, with tinykin's help, explores a time-frozen Earth to solve its mystery in a unique adventure.


PS4, PS5: Unique RPG with living weapons, absorbing defeated foes, and uncovering a world of madness and mystery.


PS4, PS5: Epic battles inspired by kaiju films, play as Titan or mecha, unleash chaos, and evolve into the formidable S-Class.

Mega Man 11

PS4: Classic 2D platforming, fresh visuals, and the innovative double-gear system for a thrilling experience.