Explained: Meaning of 9 symbols part of Cricket World Cup

By Shashwat Nishant
Published on | Oct 27, 2023


This symbol embodies the joy fans feel when the team they cheer for or a player they idolize or admire receives a crucial win or scores a century

Image Credit: ICC


This symbol emphasizes the might of a player and has been used in the tournament every time a player hits a four or a six

Image Credit: ICC


This symbol represents the respect fans and even other players have for a teammate or opponent who gives his all for the team

Image Credit: ICC


One normally feels this emotion representing their nation or when they play the national anthem of their country

Image Credit: ICC


The act of bravery can be represented by a player’s dedication to playing for his team despite being physically hampered

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The perfect example of this emotion is how you bring glory to your nation by winning a game. Winning the World Cup is the ultimate glory

Image Credit: ICC


The amazing and unexpected things that happen in a World Cup are the perfect representation of this symbol

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This symbol is present in every fan, player, and every person who loves the sport and what it means to play for your nation

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And finally, the last and most unfortunate symbol is Anguish. The feeling one feels when your team loses is what this symbol represents

Image Credit: ICCWorld Cup of Records