6 Possible challengers for Roman Reigns in WrestleMania

By Ashish Kapoor
Published on | Jan 31, 2024

The Rock

The Rock made his return on WWE Raw recently and hinted towards taking on the 'Head of the table'. If it comes true, It will be a treat for the fans.

Image Credit: WWE.com


Just like Roman Reigns, Gunther has also held on to a WWE Intercontinental Championship for quite some time now. Their face-off will be epic.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Randy Orton

Randy Orton got an opportunity against Roman Reigns in WWE Royal Rumble but that was a fatal four-way match. He could get another opportunity soon.

Image Credit: WWE.com

LA Knight

LA Knight is among the most followed WWE Stars and is a fan favourite too. It won't be a shocker if he faces Roman Reigns in WrestleMania.

Image Credit: WWE.com

CM Punk

CM Punk has to best chance among all other WWE starts to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. But will he be able to finish the story?

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Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is expected to make a return just ahead of WrestleMania. Will we witness another Brock vs Roman Reigns showdown?

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