5 WWE stars who will most likely miss Royal Rumble 2024

By Ashish Kapoor
Published on | Jan 20, 2024

Charlotte Flair

Former WWE Women's Champion Charlotte Flair will be missing the WWE Royal Rumble this year as she is still recovering from an ACL injury.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez has been a prominent name of WWE's women's roaster. She recently suffered an injury and will likely skip the WWE Royal Rumble.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Braun Strowman

Former WWE Champion Braun Strowman was last seen in WWE a couple of months ago and the Monster Among Men will not be part of WWE's mega event.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Sami Zayn

After losing his WWE Tag Team Championship, Sami Zayn took time off from WWE to focus on his family. He is expected to be missing Royal Rumble 2024.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Seth Rollins

This is the name that no one would have expected. WWE's current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is likely to miss the January 27th event.

Image Credit: WWE.com

Rollins to relinquish his title?

Seth Rollins sustained the injury during his championship match against Jinder Mahal. There is a possibility that Rollins could relinquish his title.

Image Credit: WWE.com