ZPM wins Mizoram: know everything about the party

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 04, 2023

What is ZPM?

The Zoram People's Movement is a coalition of six regional parties, advocating for secularism and safeguarding the rights of religious minorities.

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The origin: when and how?

During the 2018 Mizoram Legislative Assembly election, ZPM evolved into a movement supporting independent candidates.

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The leadership

The party works under the leadership of MLA and former Member of Parliament, Lalduhoma.

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Performance in 2018

ZPM contested 36 out of 40 seats, securing victory in 8 seats during the 2018 election.

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Wins Mizoram

ZPM is set to form government in Mizoram after a historical win of 27 seats.

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