Year-Ender: Top 5 weirdest cocktail trends of 2023

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 22, 2023


Garnering over 3M views on DrinkTok (the side of TikTok obsessed with beverages), the addition of dill pickles to a classic drink became a viral trend

Image Credit: Penny Gsell (@pennyinphilly) on TikTok

Parmesan Espresso Martini

Another Gen Z take on a beloved classic, the parmesan espresso martini adds grated parmesan cheese to the traditional espresso martini.

Image Credit: Chris (@notjustabartender) on TikTok

Onda Civic

Also known as the 'Ondalini', this stirred drink popularised by rapper Drake, is made using Onda tequila seltzer, ice and fresh passionfruit.

Image Credit: Onda (@drinkonda) on TikTok

Mountain Suze

A deceptively simple concoction, this highball cocktail is made with one part Mountain Dew and one part Suze French apéritif.

Image Credit: Sother Teague (@creativedrunk) on Instagram

Blueberry Jam Gin Spritz

This drink is a deliciously refreshing twist on the already popular Aperol Spritz.

Image Credit: delish (@delish) on TikTok