Tips to defog your vehicle this winter

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 29, 2023

Use Defrost Function

Turn on your car's defrost function to warm up the windshield and gradually eliminate fog.

Cold Air from Outside

If it's not too cold outside, open a window slightly to let in fresh, cold air.

Turn on Air Conditioning

Even in winter, using the air conditioning can help dehumidify the air inside your car, preventing fog formation on the windshield.

Clean Windshield Inside and Out

Keep your windshield clean to minimize the chance of fogging.

Use Anti-Fog Solutions

Apply a commercial anti-fog solution or make your own by mixing water with a small amount of dish soap or shaving cream.

Keep Windows Clean

Keep all windows clean, as fog can develop more easily on dirty surfaces. Wipe down side windows and rearview mirrors to maintain visibility.