7 Tri-colour dishes you can make at home on Republic Day

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 25, 2024

Tri-coloured Pasta

One of the most innovative tri-coloured dishes you can make at home in few minutes is tri-coloured pasta. You can find various kinds at a supermarket.

Tri-coloured Mousse

Give your regular chocolate mousse a patriotic twist by creating an innovative tri-coloured mousse.

Tri-coloured Idli

Idlis make for a tasty and healthy breakfast dish. This Republic Day, make some delicious tri-coloured idlis using food colour.

Tri-Coloured Mocktail

Serve your guest some tri-coloured mocktail and leave them impressed!

Tri-coloured Tikkas

Paneer, mutton or chicken, you can easily make colourful tikkas at home this Republic Day.

Tri-coloured Dhokla

Another delicious recipe to make at home is Dhoklas. With a help of a little food colouring and the correct recipe, you can make wonders!

Tri-coloured Laddoos

How can we celebrate Republic Day without some sweet? Make easy til or gud laddoos at home in various colours to mark this big day.