6 hair care mistakes men must avoid

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 10, 2023

Rough combing

Comb gently to detangle your hair and try using wide tooth combs to prevent hair fall and keep your hair detangled

Shampooing everyday

Stop washing your hair every day. Even when it’s humid and hot, washing hair everyday can cause dryness. Washing hair 2-3 times a week is enough

Oiling after wash

Oiling after washing hair results in dirt and sweat accumulating at the roots causing breakage and more hair fall. Oil 2 hours before washing hair

Rubbing hair aggressively with towel

This causes too much breakage. Instead, gently pat your hair gently with the towel to dry it and let it dry naturally

Overuse of hair gel or wax

Hair gel or wax cause dullness of hair. In some cases, they may lead to hair thinning and baldness

Blow-drying frequently

Using a blow dryer after every hair wash can make hair lose its moisture and the heat from dryers may damage hair follicles making hair brittle

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