5 easy tricks to fix jammed doors in monsoons

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 02, 2023

Sandstone paper

Rub a piece of sandstone paper around the door at the place where it is getting jammed exactly. The paper will loosen that area of the door

Dehumidifier or hair dryer

A dehumidifier or hair dryer can be used to dry moisture around a door. They suck in the air and remove moisture

Rub soap

Rub a dry and moisturizer-free soap at the edges of the door so that it leaves a powdery residue . Repeat it every time when humidity occurs

Painting the doors

Getting the doors painted before the monsoon is a good idea to avoid this problem. This will prevent moisture on the doors and protect them from germs

Olive oil

Rubbing olive oil on the doors can prevent them from getting swollen by humidity and moisture caused during the rainy season

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