Halloween 2023: 7 haunted places in India

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 27, 2023

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is often considered one of the most haunted places in India. It's said that a curse placed on the fort has led to eerie occurrences.

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

The Dow Hill in Kurseong is famous for its spooky woods and the Victoria Boys' School, which is believed to be haunted.

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Kuldhara is an abandoned village that was deserted overnight by its residents in the 19th century. The place is famous for its horror events.

Shaniwarwada, Pune, Maharashtra

Shaniwarwada is a historical fort with a dark history. It is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a young prince who was murdered.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, Telangana

This popular film studio is rumoured to have paranormal activity. Many film crew members have reported strange occurrences, including lights falling.

Tunnel No. 103, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

This abandoned tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla Railway is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a British officer who was killed during the construction.

Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The Fern Hill Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a British officer, Colonel Howard. Guests have reported encountering his ghost.

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