Durga Puja 2023: Pushpanjali Timings, Dates and more

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 05, 2023

Durga Puja 2023

Durga Puja is a major Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor and devotion, primarily among Bengalis in India. This year it's from Oct 20-24

Durga Puja Begins

This year Durga Puja begins on October 20 (the sixth day of Navratri) with Maha Shasthi Puja

Maha Shashthi Puja

Shasthi Puja begins with Devi "BODHON" and falls on Oct 20

Maha Saptami Puja

Saptami Puja will begin from 7:05 am on October 21

Maha Ashtami Puja

Ashtami Puja and Pushpanjali will be done by 9:28 am on October 22.

Sandhi Puja

Sandhi Puja will happen in the evening of Ashtami between 4:54 pm-5:42 pm

Maha Navami Puja

Navami Puja will be done on October 23

Maha Dasami Puja

According to Hindu mythology Dasami is the day to bid farewell to Goddess Durga and her children along with Lord Shiva

Sindur Khela and Visarjan

Sindur Khela is done on the day of Dasami before Goddess Durga is immersed into the water. Visarjan happens with people dancing to the beats of Dhak

Pujo Saree Looks