Cyclone Michaung: 5 Tips to keep in mind during a cyclone

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 04, 2023

Information Is The Key

To be completely safe, you have to be well-informed. Follow local news channels and be updated with the latest cyclone update.

Keep Emergency Kit Ready

Make sure to have an emergency kit handy. You should add dry food, blankets, water and phone chargers for any emergency situation.

Avoid Stepping Out

Make sure you do not step out during and before the cyclone. Even if you have to, make sure to carry an umbrella.

Wear The Right Shoes

Wearing the right footwear during a cyclone is a must. Try adding rain boots to your shoe collection.

Carry Emergency Lights

When warned of an approaching cyclone, ensure that you have ample emergency and battery-operated lights at home.

Switch Off Electrical Appliances, Gas

Before the cyclone strikes, make sure to unplug all electrical devices and switch off the gas at your home.