Climate Crisis: 10 hottest nations due to climate change

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 10, 2023


Approximately 2.2 billion individuals residing in India and Pakistan may confront extreme heat conditions surpassing human endurance


Pakistan too is on the verge of climate crisis just like India


Kuwait is one of the hottest countries in the world due to its scorching desert climate


Climate change exacerbates these extreme conditions, leading to more frequent and prolonged heatwaves in Iraq


Climate change is exacerbating already extreme conditions in Qatar. Rising global temperatures contribute to more frequent and severe heatwaves


This has significant implications for public health, water resources, and energy demand for cooling.


Bahrain too has been experiencing rising temperatures as a result of global warming


The climate in Oman varies from region to region. Coastal areas experience a hot desert climate with high humidity

Saudi Arabia

Some parts of Saudi Arabia are facing decreasing rainfall, leading to drought conditions. This can have a significant impact on water resources


Iran, like many other countries, is experiencing the effects of climate change

Safest Countries