Parineeti Chopra's skincare secrets for radiant skin

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Sep 19, 2023

Hot Showers

Parineeti skips spas and prefers hot showers to relax. Warm showers release happy chemicals into the skin and improve breathing

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Cleansing Routine

Parineeti begins her skincare with thorough face cleansing followed by a good moisturiser to maintain freshness and glow

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Aloe Vera

Parineeti swears by aloe vera gel. She loves to apply aloe vera gel to her face for better hydration

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Workout gives an inside-out glow to her skin. Maintaining a proper workout is essential to keep the skin look radiant

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Eats Clean

Pari makes sure to keep track of what she eats in a day. She follows a proper diet with all nutrients and minerals

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Stays Happy

Parineeti makes sure to stay happy in general which reflects on her face and makes her skin more radiant

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Takes proper sleep

The actor makes sure to take a proper sleep of 8-9 hours to maintain the freshness of her skin

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