Ayodhya Ram Mandir: 7 Other Shri Ram temples to visit in India

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 17, 2024

Ram Tirath Temple - Amritsar, Punjab

Though famous for the Golden Temple, Amritsar also has a lesser-known temple dedicated to Lord Ram.

Ram Raja Temple - Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

In addition to being known for the majestic Orchha Palace, this city in Madhya Pradesh is also home to an equally stunning Ram temple.

Sri Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple - Thiruppukuzhi, Tamil Nadu

This Vishnu temple in the Kanchipuram district, houses a Sanctum Sanctorum depicting Lord Ram performing the last rites of the bird demigod Jatayu.

Kodanda Rama Temple - Hiremagalur, Karnataka

This temple depicts an event from the Skanda Purana, in which Lord Ram, with Lady Sita by his side, grants darshan to Parshuram.

Triprayar Sri Rama Temple - Thrissur, Kerala

This temple houses an idol of Lord Ram, that is believed to have been worshipped by Lord Krishna, and was also recently visited by PM Narendra Modi.

Eri-Katha Ramar Temple - Maduranthakam, Tamil Nadu

It is believed that after defeating the demon king Ravana, Lord Ram and Lady Sita stopped in Maduranthakam, as they made their way back to Ayodhya.

Kodandarama Temple - Vontimitta, Andhra Pradesh

This temple was built by former robbers, who later became devotees of Lord Ram, and abandoned a life of crime.