Air pollution: 6 Ways to deal with breathing issues

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 24, 2023

Wear mask

The best way to be safe from pollutants is to wear a mask (The best one is N95) when you step out, as it helps avoid bacteria and viruses.

Breathing exercises

Exercise like Anulom-Vilom is one of the fantastic ways to rectify any type of breathing issues.

Hydration is a must

Keeping the body hydrated is essential as lack of water intake also plays a major role in breathing issues.

Saline water

Medical experts say cleaning your nose with saline water at least once a day is the finest way to get rid of any hindrances in the nasal cavity.

Indoor air quality

Keep your residence clean by using air purifiers to ensure safe indoor air quality.

Balanced diet

Establishing a habit of ensuring your body receives essential nutrients is crucial, especially for individuals dealing with respiratory issues.

Deal with pollution