9 popular street side breakfasts from Indian cities

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 03, 2024

Radhaballabhi and Alur Dom - Kolkata

This Bengali take on dal puri and dum aloo is a breakfast staple in Kolkata.

Poha Jalebi - Indore

This unique combination of jalebi and Indori poha is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury.

Chhole Kulche - Delhi

Pairing kulcha bread instead of puris or bhaturas with chhole (spicy chickpea curry) is an incredibly delicious breakfast.

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Idli and Vada - Chennai

Even though popular in many other South Indian cities, idli, sambar and vada are major breakfast choices in Chennai.

Mirchi Vada - Jodhpur

This snack is made with green chillies and a spicy potato filling, deep fried in gram flour. It is then paired with bread for a delicious breakfast.

Vada Pav - Pune

Essentially a sandwich made using fried potato dumplings and pav buns, this Maharashtrian delicacy is as yummy as it is divisive.

Bedmi Puri and Aloo ki Sabzi - Lucknow

Made using deep-fried crispy puris stuffed with urad dal, and served with a side of potato curry, this combo is a meal fit for people of Lucknow.

Dahi Jalebi - Varanasi

Consisting of jalebis served with curd, this breakfast combination is popular not just in Varanasi, but also in other holy cities such as Prayagraj.

Jalebi Fafda - Ahmedabad

This breakfast staple pairs fafda - a Gujarati take on papadams - with jalebis.